The Magnetic Anti Snore Ring - Sleep Wonderful
The Magnetic Anti Snore Ring - Sleep Wonderful
The Magnetic Anti Snore Ring - Sleep Wonderful
Sleep Wonderful

The Magnetic Anti Snore Ring

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Re-discover a night full of blissful sleep... And not just for yourself.

The Magnetic Anti-Snoring Ring, is a must-have sleep accessory for anyone struggling to get quality sleep due to persistent snoring.

So say, I do, and slip on this must-have ring for a great nights sleep.


Product Specifications

Material: Titanium/Copper
Type: Anti-Snore



Applying acupressure for snoring purposes is a form of sleep therapy that is considered very effective. An anti-snore acupressure ring is proven to reduce snoring by up to 89%.

The anti-snore ring is worn on the finger and applies pressure on certain areas of the finger in an effort to automatically open up your airway.

The anti-snore ring works by the principles of the famous Chinese medicine known as Acupressure. 

The Acupressure Stimulator on the inside of the ring presses on a sensitive area of the finger, which is the outer side at the base of the finger, between the knuckle and base. 


How To Use

Step 1) Place the anti-snore ring on the little finger of your hand (right hand for men or left hand for women usually works best) ideally an hour before bed time. 

Step 2) Then gently squeeze the anti-snore ring when in place to enable the Acupressure points to work. 

Step 3) Enjoy a peaceful night.